Friday, January 27, 2012

An Inconvenient Truth

Last night, Emma learned an inconvenient truth.  One of my friends saw Samuel with us and said, "oh, I have a huge compliment for you."  Then she proceeded to tell us how she had her visiting teachers over and how they ended up mentioning Sam.  They all agreed that if they had been 12 year old girls they would have had a huge crush on him.

 Emma was not impressed.  "That is so wrong!  Take that back!  He can not be handsome.  He's my brother."  Sorry sweetie, I'm afraid you do have a handsome brother! --even with the scar


Anonymous said...

the scar makes him even more handsome plus he is just a fun, kind, talented, smart, guy. What more could a girl what. Yes, the girls are going to want to meet your cute brother, Emma. and his friend will want to meet his wonderful sister.