Friday, February 10, 2012

An Educational Day

Today I learned how to make fortune cookies.  I decided a week ago that they would be the perfect Valentine's day offering, yet I had no knowledge of how to make them.  I guess I was convinced it couldn't be that hard.  Well, lucky for me, it wasn't.

I watched  a video on Youtube of how to do it and copied the recipe. It is an easy recipe, just time consuming.  I only made 12 in about 45 minutes.  Most of those are now eaten.

At least they tasted good!  It's a good thing I don't work this week.  What with about 3 hours ahead of me to make enough fortune cookies and a Kindergarten party to plan!
While I was waiting between batches of cookies, (you only do 2-4 cookies at a time!) I took a German test to see what level of german instruction I should start on at Deutsche Welle.  I got a 72% on my first level, which is enough to pass you off, but not enough for them to say you can take the next level test.  I don't think that was too bad considering I haven't spoken any German in 20 years and was never that fluent to begin with!  So I get to start on level A2.
I also looked around the web to see if I could find any blogs to help us on our move.  I know- I am a little early.  We still have 1 1/2 years before we move, but it's always good to get as much information as possible when you are moving to foreign country, right?  Can you tell I'm excited!  Rob is very nervous about it.  Being responsible for a family this time around, is freaking him out a little.  So the more I learn, the better he feels.
After the cookies and German test, I ran to the school to help out with their 100 days celebration.  They did stickers and filled in number charts

and made 100's out of cheese and crackers

and put together a 100 piece puzzle and decided what they would buy with $100.  Max said he was going to buy a blacksmith with his.  I decided not to tell him that you can't buy people anymore! (especially since I knew he meant a blacksmith shop.)  This year we got 100 smiley faces for our poster.

 I try to come up with something different every year.  We have done 100 pictures of Sam, 100 things that Joseph will eat (and if you know Joseph, your next question is, "did you actually find 100 things he would eat?"  and the answer would be with a lot of thinking!), 100 fingerprints (we took it to church with us!  Makes getting 100 fingerprints a lot easier!),  and Hello, my name is Joseph in 100 different fonts.  I took the poster to Young Women's with me and they went crazy on it.  We ended up having to take off and cover up some of the smiley faces to make 100.
At the end of the day, to round out my educational day, we went to Joseph's play.  He was one of the few people that had a solo part.  We practiced talking slow and enunciating.  He did really well!  The play was all about graphs and how they help us with all the data that is out there.  The kids helped their teachers make it up.

There was a part about cafeteria offerings like road kill casserole and eyeball soup, there was a Justin Bieber and how many records he sold part.  Joseph's part was how many different kinds of things were sold at a store for Valentine's day.

His were friendship cards and they were hot!  After he says that he is suppose to touch his bum and go ssssss.  At first he was really upset about this.  He came home and complained that all the kids laughed at him.  It took me awhile to convince him that they were laughing at the part, because he had the funniest part.  The night that we went, the director asked what parts everyone liked and one of them (not us) said that they liked the hot part and so Joseph got to get up and do an encore performance!  It was a fun day!


Anonymous said...

cute ideas. you should have been a teacher with all your creative ideas for learning. Mom

Searls Stuff said...

Busy, busy, busy lady! You must stay exhausted! Great ideas, though.