Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love is in the air

I went in to help with the Valentine's day party for Max's class.  It was the last one I had to plan, thank goodness. There were only about 5 Mom's willing to help or send anything in, so I had to keep reusing the same ones over and over.  They all said, no worries, but still!

One of the biggest hits was the candy necklace making.   They loved that!

 They also made cute little bookmarks that had a love bug at the end (think pom-pom with googlie eyes), had treats, passed out valentines- these are the ones we made to give away, 

colored, and played a minute-to-win-it game that I made up.  I made this "Cupid tree"

 that they chose a heart from.  On the heart were challenges like put together a heart puzzle, name 10 things they loved, stand on one foot for 20 seconds, do the chicken dance, find all the matching hearts, pick up and transfer candy hearts with just a straw, etc.

They had lots of fun and of course everyone won!  I had to hide the timer a couple of times, because they liked to look at it and a couple people didn't quite make the one minute mark.
I used the Cupid tree as our table decoration for dinner and then threw a bunch of candy on the table with it and a red table cloth.  We had steak and potatoes and I even made apple crisp for dessert, but we were all full by then, so we'll have dessert today.  We have never been into Valentine's day that much, but I have decided it is more of a family thing, now.  We enjoy the love of each other.  So to all my family, I love you.  Thank you for being there for me.