Monday, February 20, 2012

LDS Military bloggers are you out there?

I have found a shocking lack of LDS military bloggers.  Ok, maybe I am looking in all the wrong places.  I found two that were in Germany.  Both are pay-backers (dentist giving their 3 years back to the military for help with their schooling.)  They can help a little, but as far as military life- they don't know much.  For the most part they will give 3 years and be gone.  The medical field is not very military to be begin with- just watch M.A.S.H.

I guess it would be hard to be too military when the Captain doctor is giving orders to the nurse who happens to out-rank him ( I think I am understanding M.A.S.H. more and more!)
Anyway, I should have seen this coming.  First off, I grew up on military bases all over Germany.  Most of the people we met that were LDS were DoDDs school teachers, pay-backers, or young and broke enlisted.   The rest were amazing, (not to say the other group wasn't amazing too!  We have loved the doctor's and dentist we have met!)  but there weren't many of them- not in the Army, anyway.  In the Air Force you get a few more.  It's one of the reasons I fought to go back to Germany for this next move.  The wards, the people, the opportunities you have!  Close nit amazing group!  But I have never done this on my own before.  My parents always did it and we just tagged along.  I remember not having all the right answers off the back.  I blew up a few hair dryers (which I have found you don't bring with you- nothing with a motor, because of the different cycling.  Even with a transformer, it will run too hot and eventually blow up!),

but life in Germany was a lot easier when your father had served a 2 1/2 year mission for the Church in Berlin.

 He spoke the language fluently, he knew the customs, and traditions.  He's not coming with us this time!
So anyways, I have decided to write more about our experiences with the military and a lot about the move to Germany.  It may not help anyone, but me, because I am not planning to advertise this blog and the majority of my blog readers are in the been there, done that stage (hi, Mom, hi Sister Searls, hi Sister CindySue!) I'm fine with it only being for my benefit.  But maybe, just maybe there is someone out there searching google for "LDS, military, Germany!"


Searls Stuff said...

Impressive decision. A few years back, I thought about starting a teacher's blog. But, I found out there are PLENTY and not a need for another. I can't wait to see what you post. Yea for you!

Anonymous said...

I love the poster and would love to have one to share with our new military family members currently on orders to Italy and currently serving in Afganistain. Remember that we were in Germany as civilian guests of the military when you were young . Some things were different than the military experience (chain of command etc.)