Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Our baby bird eggs hatched- two of them anyway, so we had two new birdies.

I don't know what happened to the third.  The other day I went out there and there was only one little birdy left.  Then Sunday Rob went out and found no one left in the nest.  We don't know if a predator got them since they were so low or the cold nights- it's been freezing cold here the last couple weeks or what.  It's so sad!  I so wanted to show the kids the eggs grow into birds, but we never even saw them get fuzzy and open their eyes.  I wonder if they were really viable to begin with.  It seemed like a long time for them to not open their eyes, but what do I know about birds?
I made a nest in this fun thing I bought from our new Home Goods store.

Love that place!  It was sitting like this and I thought it was the coolest looking cloche and I love how it turned out all springy- with a bird that won't die.

After I got it home, I realized that it was also a cake plate if you turn it over.  So very cool!  Rob wanted to know why I would pay money for something all old and rusty?
I bought this table from a wood furniture place and painted and distressed it myself.

Rob wasn't happy with my distressing it, at first.  He kept saying, "why are you making everything look old?  Believe me, just leave it around these kids for a couple years and it will be plenty distressed!"  In the end he said he really liked how I did it, though.

I also bought this, something blue, at Home Goods.

I love it!
Finally, something borrowed- I borrowed the gum tissue from the roof of my mouth to put on my two lower incisors that had receded so much that there wasn't any tissue left on them.  I now get to eat soft foods for 5 more weeks.  The first few days I looked like that guy on all the movies who is supposed to be a Russian and who will break you in half with his bare hands- you know the guy I am talking about?  My jaw was so square and so big!  Emma said, "it doesn't look that bad!"  And I said, "are you serious?  I look like a man!"  What was really fun, was I had to go to work like that!  Talking was really hard and in the ER, you do a lot of talking!  Now I am feeling much better and the swelling is almost gone.  That poses other problems- I forget!  I had pineapple juice in my smoothie the other day and that really hurt!  Then I tried to chew too much and that hurt and popped some stitches!  Then yesterday I accidentally flossed on one of the teeth.  Today I am going to get that all fixed!  Darn!!  The other bad part is, I figured with all this pain and suffering that I would loose a few pounds- bonus, right?!  Unfortunately, cake, ice cream and milk shakes are all soft.  Must do better!
Oh, and not to forget my other new thing!  The other day was cookie day- I forgot.  I was taking a nap, but the little kids didn't forget- they never do!  They had bought me a present to thank me for all the cookies.

Isn't it the cutest thing ever?  So sweet!  Now, I guess I better go make them some cookies!


Anonymous said...

something old , something new, something borrowed, something blue. I am confused! A wedding I didn't know about?
sorry about the birdies. It seems difficult for little birdies to make it so close to people places. Your bird decoration is very cute though.

The monkey bunch said...

Nope- they were all old, new, borrowed or blue, so it worked. No wedding.

Anonymous said...

Grandpa always teases that he will live until he sees his last grandaughter married or his first great-grandaughter graduate. As McKell is only two years older than Emma They both have a number of year to go before the big day so grandpa will live many more years. I lost my place there so I don't really know what that has to do with your post but it is a good thought anyway. It sucks to get old. no wait I always got lost in my own thought patterns it is just more acceptable now.