Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Camping We Will Go!

Camp time has descended.
  And my Summer has ended!
Sam went to Boy Scout camp and earned more merit badges then anyone else- again!  Horsemanship was one of them. 
This is Sam's horse, Shorty.  Isn't he cute!
Rob went up and helped out for half of the time and got a couple pictures for me!

I went with the Young Women's to camp.

We had a good time up in Kirtland, Ohio. 

We went canoeing, hiking, 


cliff diving,

to the temple,

to the "This is Kirtland" play and shot black powder rifles.  I gave my target a new belly button. 

We also played a week long game of capture the flag

that unfortunately got nasty and ended with teams ganging up to beat us.  I am proud to say that our girls stayed nice throug out it all and gave the would be flag snatchers cookies and braided their hair.  That just made me extra sad that they were treated so badly by the other girls, though.  See the little Cindy Loo Who poofs on some of the girls heads.  A bunch of us wore our hair like that for the canoe trip.  I went with the YW president and we swamped our boat, twice.  One time I got a nasty bruise out of it, too!  We were attacking one of the times, so we couldn't blame anyone but ourselves on that one.  The other time, Emma was trying to get in and we went over.
We got home Saturday afternoon.  I worked that night, taught YW at church the next day and then 3 camps started on Monday.  Joseph goes to Cub scout camp at 8 am, Sam goes to football camp at 1pm and Emma goes to soccer camp at 5:30 pm.
Emma's nasty soccer socks on my kitchen counter- not cool!
I was required to go at least one day to Cub scout camp.  I went on Wednesday and have now solidified in my mind that I will refuse any calling extended to me for scouts.  I was about ready to do serious harm to one of those boys!  They trashed my car, flipped the lights on and off and on and off and on and off, were mean to Joseph and generally loud and obnoxious!  The day was described as "unbearably hot" by the weather forecasters which made the day ever so much better. Luckily, one of my friends went that same day and we kept each other sane.  The boys in our group broke the camp record for putting together this dinosaur

and by the end of the day we still held the record!

After Friday our camps will be all done, thank goodness.  But soccer practice starts for real on Monday and Football starts for real the next Monday.
Oh Man, the things we do for our children!


Anonymous said...

you make me tired. I do remember those days and it makes me tired. I second the never do anything with cub scouts. I use to go to cub camp just to see that my sons lived through it especially Tim. Way to go Sam, you are the man. See you soon. mom