Monday, July 23, 2012

Buckle Your Seat belts!

Guess what!
Yep!  She got her permit- the easy part was doing the test- the hard part, as always, working with the DMV to get the license issued!  3 hours later we walked out with that little scary card!
Rob took her on base, Sunday and had her drive all the empty parking lots.  Notice the white thing on her neck- that's a shocker.  If she does something wrong, it shocks the heck out of her.  Ok, just kidding.  It's one of those stick on heating pads.  She went boating with friends on Saturday and really did a number on her neck and shoulder.  She took pain medicine, I gave her the heating pad, we massaged her, everything, but she was still really stiff and sore.  Her friends even tried to give her more medicine in Young Women's, because she started crying, but I had to stop her, because she couldn't have anymore.  It scared me to death to be teaching her when she couldn't possibly look over her left shoulder to check for cars coming.
The scariest part was when Rob let her drive home.  She was seriously trying to take out mailboxes!  Since then, I have put on my brave face and let her drive a couple times.  Things like this really help you understand your own parents better!