Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November on Speed

We had a birthday- yeah, Rob loves getting older!!  I wonder how long he will live past 451.

We had friends visit from Virginia.

We made Thanksgiving and ate it on Wednesday.

Yep, Wednesday.

 I worked my first 12 hour night shift since Colorado on Thanksgiving night and Jodi had to be back to work on Friday Morning, so it was just easier!  I loved it!  It made Thanksgiving totally relaxing for me, instead of running around trying to finish all the last minute things I needed to!  Instead, I went to the Turkey Bowl with everyone else!  And I actually played the last 3 downs!  They had 2 big kid games going

and one little kid game going.

I loved how Joseph was in charge of the huddle!

Rob actually got to be the quarterback a couple times

and I stripped the ball from Emma like a pro!  One time when Rob was trying to scoop up a fallen ball, Sam came up to him and did the best wrestling take down move I have ever seen!  Everyone was impressed with that- Even the guys from the other game saw it!  I got to go in, because old men were straining hamstrings and achilles tendons all over the place!  You've got to wonder about men and their idea that they can not exercise all year long and then come out on the field on Thanksgiving and relive their glory days!!

We tried a fresh turkey this year- the guy at the grocery store convinced us and we are all about new experiences!  It was sort of gross to see the feathers they hadn't gotten out, though!

We had a Wii tournament-

 Girls won- thank you very much!

We stretched a quilt onto a frame. 

This is my third quilt and the third time I am doing something different.  This time I am going to try to hand quilt at least some of it.  I go to a quilting group and they were all impressed that I decided to try something new, again.  It inspired at least one of the group to get out of her comfort zone and try something different next time.  One of these times I will do the same thing more than once, so I can get good at it, but where's the fun in that?

We played Fusball with our little friends.

We played at the park and everyone went down the long slide.

Some of us used the wax paper to make us go faster

and some of us just wanted to go slow.

We wrestled.

We shot ourselves with rubber bands while trying to shoot off helicopter thingies!

We made the traditional pies, 

rainbow jello and turkeys.  Nobody really likes gum drops, so this year we used sour gummy fruit for the wings and gummi bears for slipper feet! 

We also did cookie/chocolate turkeys-

 yummers!  Little Max couldn't wait and took a bite of his immediately!

And yes, I worked 12 hours at night and was able to drive the 20 minutes home without falling asleep!  I even had enough energy to go black friday shopping, but decided against it.  I went to bed and the kids all went with Rob bowling.  The next day all the sales were still on and we got everything we wanted without the lines and the rude people!

And now we are going through boxes and putting up Christmas, planning our move and Emma's 16th birthday (It's got to be big, people!)  Of course that's just what we say for fun.  It's actually going to be pretty simple.  We decided against the invite the whole seminary and all your school friends and blah, blah, blah party!  That's just work and stress for everyone involved!  Still, in my mind it's going to be big- a big deal!  Only 2 more years with our Princess!  :(

Sam gave his second talk in Sacrament and did a great job.  He told everyone that Rob was the spiritual leader of the family and the one you go to for advice and then he said that I was the one that made everyone love each other, because even when you don't do anything wrong she makes you apologize.  Nice!
Thank you for joining us for November on Speed.  See you again in December!


Anonymous said...

love the pictures sounds like a super fun Nov.. Emma's 16 is big to everyone in the family especially her. please remember Emma your first date must be with your Dad. I like Sam's talk and he is right about his parents. love and spiritual leadership what more a grandma want for her grandbabies or babes