Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Fun

We didn't put all the Christmas up this year, since we are going visiting.  The kids kept asking why we were even putting up any of it.  Besides the fact that we are going to be here 1/2 of December, I also needed to go through it to see what I was getting rid of before we moved.  One of the things we didn't put up was the advent calendar that I made out of mittens.  Despite that, we have done a lot of the things from it.  We have read Christmas stories- The Littlest Angel, how I hate you.  Every year you make me cry while I am trying to read you to my children.  And since my children are mostly boys, they make fun of me!  We watched Christmas movies.  
We decorated the house.

I went to the annual YW/mother's Gingerbread decorating night.  I didn't participate- I just took pictures.
I took this photo because I thought it was so cool that she brought a blow torch.  This was just before she burned her daughters hand!

Emma was at driving school.  (She is now done with the class time.  Now all she has to do is 2 more driving days of 2 hours each with the instructor, turn 16 and take the test!)  I had fun talking with all the ladies and looking at all the gingerbread houses.

We took our Christmas photos- Here are the outtakes.

That's me, pretending to spank Max

Looks like a lot of fun, hu?  Right!!!
We went to look at lights and found our favorite house and gave them a prize.  This year's house had it's own radio station and had set the lights to the music. 

There was so much stuff going on and off, it was crazy!  When we talked to them, they said that the man was still working on two more pieces to go in the yard.  I have no idea where he will put them!

We did recitals.

Everyone loved Sam's Emperor's theme from Star wars.

Emma and Sam both did really well.

Emma went with theMia Maids and made up gifts for the Elder's

 and I went caroling with the Laurels.

Cookie day was sugar cookie reindeer.

We are working on our cards- I know, it's getting late, finishing our shopping and wrapping, baking lots of goodies and are now trying to decide if we are actually going visiting or not.  Rob is going nuts with his thesis for his Master's and doesn't think he can finish in time if we go.  As usual it's been a whirlwind!