Friday, December 21, 2012

20 Years!

We just celebrated our 20th anniversary.  I have now been married longer than I was single.  It seems like such a long time, but I can't remember much without my husband in it, now.

 I am so glad that our religion teaches that marriages are forever.  I have a friend who just got engaged to the father of her baby.  I asked her if she was excited, because she hasn't always said the best things about this guy.  She said, "yeah,  you know we won't get married for a year at least.  We are just going to try and see how it goes and if we mesh with our parenting style and stuff."  I thought that was the saddest things I had ever heard.  If you don't go into a marriage saying, "This is my forever guy!"  what hope do you have? There have been plenty of times we just didn't like each other, times we didn't agree on things, times that we just weren't nice to each other.  How easy it would have been, if we had started out saying, "Let's see how this plays out," to say, "to heck with this!"  When you start out saying, "this is forever"  "to heck with this" doesn't come up too often!
We were suppose to be in Utah while Mom and Dad watched the kids and we went to the Anniversary Inn.  I even had the room picked out- Ok, narrowed down.  We had also talked about a cruise or something.  In the end, we were at Wolf lodge making up for the kids lost trip to see their Grandparents and cousins.  Then we drove home and I went to a YM/YW party.  The next day Rob did offer to take me out to dinner.  While we were there, he surprised me with this beautiful ring.

It is a blue diamond and it's actually bigger than my wedding ring.  The silly flash made the other diamond look yellow.  He said, it was so I could choose what I wanted to wear that day, to match my outfit!  It is getting sized right now.  Emma tells me I have bony fingers.  I always thought they were long and elegant looking- well if I had nice fingernails to go with them, which I don't!
I am so happy to be married to this guy!  He is definitely my forever guy!


Anonymous said...

he's a keeper

Searls Stuff said...

Congratulations! Best wishes for many more happy years and exciting adventures together.