Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas card

For those who didn't get it, these were the pictures on our Christmas card this year- with the words Silent Night!

I hear it was quite a year for this sort of picture.  Well it definitely fit after the original shoot in front of the tree!  Max was not cooperating!  

This year, instead of a letter we did Kress Family Awards and made it like the Oscars.  I made movie titles and descriptions for things that happened in 2012 under each category:

German Style
An exciting ride when a military family learns their next duty station will be Stuttgart, Germany

Like a Boss
The making and breaking of child athletes and the politics of children's sports

Our Life
A raucous portrayal of a military family of 6 from Disney world, to Thesis's, from Christmas card mishaps- way too big(the cards were way too big for the envelopes I had already printed out and stamped!  In the end, I just folded them in half.) - to first time loves- It's life at it's best!

Sadly our beautiful niece and cousin, Monica died suddenly and without explanation on the 2nd of March.  She is sorely missed!

Drive by
A harrowing story of Emma getting her driver's license

After the death in the family, the children were all tested for heart rhythm defects.   Samuel was found to have one, but we have yet to find a name or cause for it or how to treat it.

Life before the Zombie Apocalypse
A serious look at the preparations for the coming apocalypse.  How many guns and exactly how much ammo does one family need? (This was all just silliness!  I needed another category and Rob and a friend we run with were calculating it one day for fun!)

We also sent a picture titled German style!  It was a fun holiday shoot!


Searls Stuff said...

LOVE the picture! Your creativity is amazing.