Monday, March 10, 2014


I traveled to Poland with a group of ladies the other week.  I'm not much of a girls weekend away kind of person, so I went with two ladies who were the same and we did it in two days instead of three like the rest of the group.  Poland is about 6 hours away. 

Poland looked just like I though it would- old and breaking down.  Sometimes you would see these amazing houses right in the middle of a bunch of broken down ones.  We just loved all the textures and wanted to run our families up here to take family pictures.  This was a church with broken windows that we thought was gorgeous with the rectory possibly beside it.  The house next to it, look like your typical haunted mansion!
We passed Dreseden on our way up(I really wanted to stop!!) and look what we saw- a Kress store or Manufacturing place. 

We stayed at the Blue Beetroot which is a lovely 5 star hotel with a wonderful restaurant. 

We bought Polish pottery.  See my Chicken?  I love him!  He is a whistle.  I bought one for Emma too.  I was trying to think of something to get her to start her college, moving on stash- probably a chicken whistle wasn't the best option, but it's still awesome!

 and then went to the Mission that is just 30 minutes away
The mission is in an old castle.  Since this part of Poland used to be in Germany, when the war ended, many of the places were pulled down as a way of breaking from Germany.  This survived mostly intact.  
It has this amazing building next to it which used to be an old sanitarium.  They brought soldiers here that became disillusioned by Hilter and slowly tortured them to death.  After the war, someone burnt it down.  It is unsafe to go into it now.
We bought Nativity sets from them.  He also gave us a tour of the mission which is open to host individuals, families and groups.
For just 10 euros a night per person you can stay in one of their rooms!
We have a group of ladies from our base that is going up soon to do some missionary work there. 
 It was a fun group.

  We are now thinking of doing a run down to get some Italian pottery in Nove.  So pretty!


Searls Stuff said...

I remember making a couple of trips to Chec & Berlin. I honestly can think of only 1 thing I bought from either place that I still have! It is a little cardboard folder that looks like an antique flower basket. You open it up and it has needles inside. Everything else seems to have been given to the kids,worn out, or lost. Thank goodness the memories are still alive and well! I'm so glad you are having such wonderful experience.

Marinda said...

Poland is really lovely… we lived there for a year. Krakow is wonderful as well as Warsaw! There's so much history there.