Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Olympic Cuteness

The Second grade decided to do an Olympics at our Elementary this February in conjunction with the Winter Olympics.  The kids were assigned a country. Then they made a flag and medals.  The medals  were passed out to the 1st and 2nd place person at each of about 10 stations.

I had a video to show you them walking in carrying their flags while they played the Olympic anthem, but it wouldn't load. I will try again, later- so cute!

I went in and helped.  I took the high jumping station.  They reached as far as they could and made a mark with a piece of chalk and then they jumped and made another mark.  Then we measured between the lines.  I learned a new thing.  Second graders do not understand fractions beyond 1/2 and they don't even know how to write 1/2.  I was confusing them so much when I said, 9 3/8. 
 What?  How do you write that?  Does that mean I got 938?  Um, no! 
 After the 2nd or 3rd group, I started writing with the chalk on the paper so that they could see how to write it.
I had one little girl who came through who didn't have a single medal.  I felt so bad when she didn't get 1st or 2nd in my group either, so I awarded a 3rd place to her.  Of course they had to call me out on it, but I explained quietly that I wanted to give a 3rd place that time and then one of the little guys said, "oh, so she will have a medal?"  They were all Ok with it when I nodded my head.  
Max was supposed to have Sweden.

He said they wouldn't let anyone be the United States, because everyone wanted it.  Someone got it in the end.  I explained that being Sweden in the Winter Olympics was a pretty good deal! (Not so much in the Summer Olympics.)  He did pretty well.  This is him about half way through and look at all those medals!

So much cuteness!