Tuesday, March 11, 2014

You're Killing me Smalls

I love technology.  I love that I can keep seeing all the places people have gone and have them write up hints and tricks that they found while visiting those places.  I love that I can ask on our community web page if anyone has seen my children and someone almost always answers to let me know where they are.  I love our community where you can put up that you are in need of such and such and someone always has it and says they will run it right over.  But technology, also, brings out the crazies.  There was the one lady that wanted to know if there was an adult store somewhere close, since her husband was deployed.  That got all kinds of comments from people being outraged to the swingers who wanted to invite her down to their parties.   There was the lady who wrote that she was teaching a yoga class at such and such an hour.  That started out fine, but soon people were asking where the gym was and what the hours were and other gym related questions.   This sent her off in a rage, that people would dare hijack her 2 seconds of fame!  There are the multiple shame pictures of a filthy garbage area or non picked up dog poop which grosses everyone out. Then there was the lady today who had a 2 year old playing on the playground meant for smaller children.  An older child happened to be swinging on the swings in that particular park and hit her child in the stomach.  He swore it was an accident, but she couldn't be sure, because you see, she wasn't there.  She then finishes her comments with this gem, "please talk to your children about staying off the park that is meant for smaller children, or better yet, supervise your children yourselves!" Hmmmmm?

I have laughed at these people privately, but sometimes I roll my eyes right back into my head and think, "Is this what America has become?"  It scares me that these are the people who are defending our country.  I don't comment.  I try to fly under the crazy radar at much as possible.  I just store up all those comments I would like to write to these people.  But, I think it is time to let them out.  
"Woman, nobody wants to know that you do that kind of thing!  If you really need some self gratification- find a friend you can ask privately or use google search engine.  It was invented especially for that kind of question.  Please leave your private life off of our community page!"
"Swinging is nasty, immoral and you're all going to hell."  That is all.
"Lady, yours is a yoga class, I never want to attend!  There is a serious lack of Zen going on over there!  Take a large chill pill and sleep it off!"
"Nobody and I mean Nobody wants to see another picture of dog poop pop up in their browser, so stop taking pictures of it!  Yes, there is a person out there seriously disobeying the rules, but let's just pray for a little karma and hope they slip in their own pile once or twice!"
And finally...
"Wow, irony isn't your thing, is it?!  I know I have said some dumb things a time or two in the heat of the moment.  I am sure that it was very upsetting for you to be called away from your beer and sunbathing to take care of your screeching child.  Taking one look at your child, I'm sure your first reaction was to run to the computer and write a scathing remark to all those parents that don't supervise their children!  Truer words were never written- parents, please supervise your children!" (irony)
And I'm out!


T said...

I want to be the fly on the wall when you decide to let it loose on all the crazy's!!! :) I'll even bring the popcorn because I'm betting (on you!) that it will be a good show!

Anonymous said...

now that's my girl-You tell them-I can see your neck going and your fingers snapping- love it Mom