Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Prom Pictures!

These are for posterity, Emma and Grandma's- all the important people!

Emma went to Prom with a bunch of friends who convinced her to go.

They really had to beg, though, because her stalker had asked her. Panicking, she told him that she couldn't, because she was already going with someone else.    That someone else, (the one guy she knew she could get away with using his name without freaking him out) happened to have a date, already.  Hence, her not wanting to go at all.  George- the guy in question- was decidedly not put out and extremely happy to have two dates to Prom (neither of which he paid for- one being an independent kind of woman and Emma who wasn't really going with him.)
As you will note, Emma's dress was slightly on the long side.  It should have been taken up about an inch.  Unfortunately, I have been so busy, I forgot it was Prom until she told me on Friday night.  Oh, well, put some heels on and it won't be too bad.  Our world was turned upside down on Saturday (DoP- day of Prom.)  I went on a bus three hours away with Sam to an athletic event, while Rob stayed home to do a birthday party- someone else's, even though it was on Max's actual birthday, and Prom.  Only one of those pictures is Rob's.  After that he said he couldn't possibly follow all those silly women around taking pictures.  All the girl's came to our house to do hair and make-up, but Rob stayed away for that, too!  Just a little different from last year, when she went with someone she really liked and Mom was there helping her with hair and make-up and taking a ton of pictures!

I was afraid, with all that, Emma would be asking to come home early.  But she didn't.  They ended up having lots of fun and George saved her at least twice when said Stalker came calling.  He told her that she owed him for those saves, so she said she would make him cookies.  She asked our neighbor to make cookies for her.  They not only made them for her, they took them over to him and told him that they were from her.  I don't know how she gets away with this stuff!!  She really must be her father's daughter!  I am so glad she had fun at Prom!  


Tracey said...

Remind me to tell you the version about going to prom that I was told by George! Put them together and we'll shake our heads and laugh for days!!! ;) Never a dull moment when he's around!

Anonymous said...

Sound like George got the most out of Prom- Wait the neighbor made the cookies what? George really did get the goodies- glad she had fun-