Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer is Here!!

Finally- the last day of school!  
So happy!
  That last month about killed me.  But we made it through. Emma still has to take her ACT's, but other than that we are golden.  We had wonderful teacher's this year.
  Joseph's teacher was absolutely perfect for him.

And so was Max's.

Sam had a few wonderful teachers.  At the beginning of the school year his Science teacher's oldest son was killed in a car crash.  She made it through, she said, with the energy of the children.  She really was such a positive influence on Sam and she adored him- which helped.  She ended up giving him two awards- one for his and his friend Damon's catapult project

and one for Scientist of the Year.

He also got the Presidential award for his grades (3.5 or higher for their entire middle school years) along with about 1/2 of the 8th grade.

I was amazed with how many good kids are in the school.  I don't know why, though.  Military kids tend to be "tops" or "bottoms", not much "in-between" people. 
 He got up a couple more times for some other awards.  

At the very end of the (half) day, the 8th graders did a parade through the school and all the little guys came out and watch and cheered and high fived them.  It was super cute.  Joe's class held all the flags at the end of the parade route.  Joseph got to hold the Army flag.

Right now the 8th graders are off celebrating at a local pool, their "graduation" to High School.
Emma skipped the whole last day of school, because her teachers told her to.  They said, "you think we want to see you on the last day?  We don't!  In fact, if you do come, we will send you to the food court.  Don't come to my class!"  So, instead they went shopping for a friend's birthday party which is tonight.  
And so begins summer!!


Anonymous said...

so when is the big summer cruise?