Sunday, June 8, 2014

Yep, that just happened!

Yep, that just happened.
Sam set this up- 2 girls and himself and one other guy friend.  Another guy they knew saw them and joined, but before that it appeared suspiciously like a double date!  Don't worry- it wasn't.  Meredith and Kendall are some of Sam's favorite friends that he plays with all the time.  Kendall is quite the tomboy and loves to play soccer and throw the football and is just the life of the party.  Meredith enjoys Kendall, so it's all good.  The next day, we decided to go to another movie- there just happened to be two back to back that we wanted to see.  Sam didn't go with us, because he wanted to play with his friends, instead.  Rob was flabbergasted.  Sorry honey- it has begun!  Friends now rule in Sam's life.