Friday, March 31, 2017

Sam is a Mess!

In the middle of our Picture Perfect Christmas we had to stop and take Sam to they urgent care for cauliflower ear.  He had it sliced open and drained- although it seemed to take forever for it to go down in size.  We were very afraid that we had waited too long to have it done and it would now look like that forever.  

Somewhere during our time up north he developed a rash and some "drainage" that didn't look good to me.  I told him I thought he might have ringworm, but he blew me off.  That is until he got back to school and the coach took one look at him and said, "go home, have that checked out by a doctor.  I think you have ringworm and maybe impetigo.  You can't wrestle until it's gone."  So off we went to the clinic and sure enough he had ringworm and impetigo!  He is still fighting with the ringworm to this day!  He is now taking oral medication.  I was not a happy mother when I found out how many people on the wrestling team were fighting ringworm and that they never clean their mats!  Absolutely disgusting and unsanitary!!  I decided this one wasn't worth the fight however.  If he decides he absolutely must wrestle next year, we will have a discussion.
But wait that's not all!  Right after new years, Rob wanted to take his clay shooter out and try it out.  
This is what the ground looked like where we took it to try it out.  Angus kept trying to eat them!
While we were setting up, Joseph stepped back to get out of the way and accidentally stepped on the trigger mechanism which shot the throwing arm right into Sam's shin!  I was sure he had broken a leg!  When we got him to the urgent care, they were full and unable to take more patients.  Sam decided he had made it in without a wheelchair and therefore he didn't need to go in.  It seemed to heal Ok.  
Boy what a wreck that kid was over the winter!  Let's pray for a little break from accidents, injuries and diseases for a little while!