Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Grandma and Grandpa came from Utah for Thanksgiving and Karl and Terrie and family came from Arizona.  It was really nice to have some family for our celebration since we weren't hopping among the English Isles this year.

Besides yummy dinners and amazing pies (I tried a lemon tart, Pumpkin cheesecake pie, apple and a cherry berry pie- all of them were so good!)

We played at the traditional Turkey bowl

went and saw where Grandpa was born- or at least round about

and we went and climbed around the Petroglyphs.

These particular petroglyphs are smack dab in the middle of the suburbs- you wouldn't even know it though.  They have protected them pretty well.  
In November Sam finished football and started wrestling- all the sports have overlap here.  
Joseph got promoted in JROTC

And Max started playing basketball with a team I really enjoyed.  They were actually in a different city, but I really liked the coach and his teaching techniques!  The kids all seemed to be good kids and they had fun together.