Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Holidays are fun unless You are Puffy!

This December we had lots of fun stuff to do.  
St. Nicholas came, 

we payed our taxes

and went to "Bethlehem", 

Sam got his wisdom teeth out, 

 we went to a fun parade in the next neighborhood over,

 Our Friends and fellow basketball players the Burks
 Our friends the Chapmans- She was in charge of the whole parade!
I made snowflake cookies for Max's Christmas celebration at school

and the boys made gingerbread houses at YM.

Oh wait- one of those things wasn't so fun!  We- Ok, Mom- decided that Sam could only have gas and Novocain to have his 4 wisdom teeth out- I didn't want him fainting and his heart stopping again with an IV- which is what would have been required if he had any other medicine.  Unfortunately, he didn't like the gas either.   He started to pass out on them and they had to give him oxygen and put ice on his neck and head for the rest of the procedure.  The good news is that we got that money back and now we get to put it on Joseph's wisdom teeth that need removing! I guess this makes my decision easier.  I am against surgery unless absolutely necessary.  So I am not a big fan of the churches stance on having all the young men have their wisdom teeth removed before they go out on missions.  I was planning to fight it.  Well the Lord must know me pretty well and took care of that little road block with the need to have their wisdom teeth removed!  We still have Max- so I might have my fight after all!