Friday, March 16, 2018

Independent Celebration

Not much traveling has gone on since we left Europe.  Travel isn't as easy in the states.  Everything is so darn expensive and so....far...a...way! But for the 4th of July weekend we decided to get away.  We only made it an hour or so north, but it was away!  
We visited Santa Fe and went to their pancake breakfast and old fashion car show.

We visited Los Alamos and saw how middle of nowhere it really is!

 No wonder all those wives were going absolutely bonkers while their husband's did secret work that they couldn't discuss during World War 2!  
We had fun at the casino- well kind of- everything was closed for the holiday and they didn't heat their water in the swimming pools at all.  I guess the hotel part was not really used to being used.  Who closes their restaurants on a holiday??  

Nice little holiday.