Friday, March 16, 2018

King Robert

King Robert got a little bit older this year.  We love him with all our hearts!

At some point getting older stops being fun and starts sucking.  I'm not sure what that age is, but Rob has passed it.  He is dealing with it well though.  He still works out, but he has changed the way he does it so he doesn't keep getting hurt.  He has bought about 4 pairs of reading glasses and now remembers to bring them with him wherever he goes.  He uses creams and lotions and sunscreen at all times.  He works out his mind constantly- continuing his German studies and his physics studies.  He is currently teaching Sunday school for the adults so he is also studying the scriptures intensely.  One of the fun games his friends play at church is "where will Rob go with this lesson?"  I can't even guess half the time! 
 It's a pretty sweet deal living with this guy!  I sure love him!