Friday, March 16, 2018

The rest of Fall

Ok, so it might be all about the sports, but we did do a few other things this fall!
 We went to the state fair!  Always good fun, greasy food and hot at the State Fair!

 Mom and Dad sent a postcard from their travels and Max colored it.
 We watched conference and built structures
 We went to see the Balloon festival again.  This time with Grandma.  Grandpa was sick!

 I decided to learn once in for all that I am indeed allergic to Penicillin.  Somehow I got it in me while working and became a patient as I got huge hives and then started sweating profusely and then almost fainted.  We tried oral Benadryl first, but when the hives continued to spread I had to check in.  
 We made a Pyramid including chambers and artifacts and camels and alligators!
 I worked on Halloween.  The only one to go out was Max.  Sad I missed most likely his last time!
 Angus took up weight lifting.  He mostly does it with his mouth.  He has a very strong neck!
 I broke my toe!  Ok, I have no idea if it was actually broke.  I never went in.  It sure looked it and felt it though!