Sunday, August 10, 2008

15 Years later, and still learning new things about my Husband!

Can you believe it?
We had guests for one day last week and they brought us all kinds of gifts from Idaho. One of the things they brought was this puzzle.We almost got it all together, when some friends came over and whizzed it together like it was the easiest thing in the world. Rob was a little disappointed and told me that he had wanted to finish it, because it was the first puzzle he had ever done! Can you believe it? He has never done a puzzle before- according to him. So in the end, we took it apart, so that we could do it again. For now, it will have to be put up, though. It will be something we can do as we reconnect in January.


Mother Goose said...

dang, gotta hate those quick friends. LOL
I am no good at puzzles!

Rob said...

In my younger days puzzles were too slow for me. I must be slowing down in life. Thanks for sticking by me for 15 years. Are you in for another 15 years???

Love, Me