Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Style

Showing our Olympic style on the day of the Opening Ceremonies. We were going to have a party, but we all had colds, so we just celebrated by ourselves. This is the pattern of the rings- if you didn't get it. We hand seperated all the M&M's and added some other fun stuff in the respective colors. The hardest was the black, until I found Halloween M&M's already out and the black chips. I also remembered about olives. It was a fun, amazing and yummy opening ceremonies for us. How about you?


DJ & Becky said...

We've never watched so much TV in our life! We TIVO the Games all day long and then scan through for our favorites to watch...I guess the kids education is more than just school work right???

Anonymous said...

I enjoy watching Michael Phelps . He is such an unbelievable swimmer and such a kid about his Mom. Like the human interest stories too. Sorry about the colds. Summer colds are the worst. Mom

lelly said...

love your creativity (sorry you weren't feeling so great.)

well, thank goodness for halloween candy out on the shelves already!