Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Sister's Day!

Happy Sister's Day to My Two Sisters!

Ok, I actually missed Sister's day- it was on Tuesday, but I think the whole week should be sister's week. I sent this sister a package for sister's day. She's the quiet, shy, reads good books, is a perfect mom, bakes squash to make baby food, can make a penny stretch farther than I have ever seen, goes into a thrift store and comes out with the most amazing things ever kind of sister. This is a perfect Cindy story. One day- I think after I went to the temple and realized all my dresses were now not going to work- I asked to wear one of her dresses. She refused. I asked please and she said, "why don't you wear your own clothes, anymore." I didn't really have an answer except that I liked all of her stuff better now. Then I walked away, thinking of what I could wear. A little later, I went to my bedroom to get dressed and there on my bed was the dress I had wanted to wear with a note on it saying that she was sorry she had been so selfish. Love you Cindy!

This is my other sister. She was born about the time I was 10, I think. She had wild hair and cried a lot- and I mean a lot. Mom thinks in retrospect she may have had problems with her formula. Anyway, she just graduated from College, got a job, job decides to downsize and cuts everyone in her office, can't find a job, finally moved outside of Utah to find one. I haven't heard from her that whole time- over a year. So all I can say is I think she is in Portland somewhere now, trying to find a job. Drop a line now and again, Lise. Uh, that's one thing about my sister I can say- her name. It is Annelise- but it is German and you say the e's as soft a's. My mom spelled in wrong and it's suppose to be Anneliese in German to make the i say e. But I just heard that in Finland or Norway or somewhere like that it is spelled correctly, so don't worry Lise- somewhere your name will actually not be said like a very bad and annoying head critter!
Lise has definitely made her own mark on our family. She is the only one of the females that didn't get married before missionary age and went on a mission. She also is the only female with earrings. None of the rest of us wanted to put holes in our ears. The other year when I saw her for a brief 1/2 hour, she was jetting off to California to go to a Anima Convention. Ok, I am sure I spelled that wrong. We never did get to ask her how many different characters she met and if she dressed up in a metal bra to attend. She may enjoy a good cartoon book or science fiction trash better than anything else, but it's still an amazing thing that she reads so much. She read the 6th Harry Potter book in one night. When she was little she couldn't read worth a darn and they actually held her back in school, because of it. Look at her now! She has truely made a weakness into a strength. You go girl!- Just be sure to leave a forwarding address! :)


Keck said...

It's Anime come on Debbie!

Holly said...

Such a nice post - you are so lucky to have sisters!!! And you look great in your spt - your post the other day looks great!

Anonymous said...

So, when's brother's day? Tim wants to know. DAD mispelled Annelise's name on the birth certificate not Mom. She was named after a dear older sister in the German branch we were attending at the time. We are doing to have to get a better picture of the Lise with her beautiful hair down. Love MOM

Anonymous said...

Cindy says"Thank You, You're pretty great yourself."Loves and kisses!

Rob said...

I just wanted to let my Sister-in-laws know that I think they are great too.