Friday, August 22, 2008

Signs there is Way too much Chlorine in the Pool

1. Your daughter's suit looked a whole lot pinker the last time you came swimming

2. The baby tells you his Pee pee is hot and needs to be cold, then proceedes to get a bucket of water out of the baby pool and tries to pour it into his swim trunks.

3. The next oldest tells you that his Pee pee hurts too.

4. The oldest boy comes to you rubbing his very red eyes and says "when can we go home?"

5. They all proceed to start crying and telling you how much they hurt.

6. They have bright red bums and legs with a rash.

7. Crunchy hairspray like hair on the daughter.

Wish we could have stayed a little longer and visited with friends, but glad I got them a shower soon!


Natalie C. said...

Ugh! Where did you go?

Mother Goose said...

yikes! that had to hurt. I thought those life guards were suppose to test every so many hours. I wonder if they shocked the pool and didn't tell anyone, or forgot. You aren't supppose to swim while the pool is being shocked. This sounds like it might have happened.

myhappyplace said...

we just got a pool this summer and I was feeling bad for turning it green. It's better now but these people are not amateurs, (at least they shouldn't be). Hope the kids are all right.

meg said...

Glad to see that y'all are still having fun in the sun (okay, maybe a little less fun with getting your eyes burned out). We started school this last Monday. So it's back to the grind for us!

Holly said...

Oh dear!!! Poor kids! The new thing out here is Saline pools - a little salty but they say way better for your skin! hope they are okay