Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another point for me to Win Mother of the Year

I am pretty sure that I am in the lead by now. Today, sent me over the top. Last night I was suppose to work from 7pm-3am. The ward camp-out was Friday night, so we weren't planning to go. Some really wonderful people in our ward volunteered to take the children. At first I refused, but then work called and asked if I would please come in at 3pm and stay until 11 pm. So those two wonderful families did the great service of picking my children up from two different schools and taking them with a ton of camping equipment to the camp-out. They kept them safe in the woods where they like to wander and put them nicely in bed, before I got there around midnight. I had forgotten to give them all the childrens' sleeping bags, so the two littlest boys were tucked away together in one sleeping bag. Unfortunately, they were in my sleeping bag. I had two little boy sleeping bags that only came up to my waist. I unzipped and tried to wrap them around me. You get the picture- I didn't sleep a wink- I was so cold and uncomfortable. I got up a couple of times and tried to right everything. The last time I did, I heard Max start to whine, his belly rumble and then the puking began. In the morning Max seemed to be a lot better, so we went to breakfast. This is the point where the Mother of the Year Judges started really getting impressed. Emma ran off with friends, one of which fell down and got hurt. Sam and Joe ran around with strict orders not to leave the mess hall area. They actually listened to that. Unfortunately, I forgot the strict orders about not throwing each other off of rocks, while playing King of the big, pointy rock. Max stayed with me the whole time until suddenly he disappeared. The whole camp ended up looking for him. Finally they all stopped and gathered in the center of the camp and had a prayer to help us find him. Just as they finished and were giving out orders about which way each group should go, I spotted him running across the camp. He had followed some teenage girls to their cabin and had stayed with them while they packed up. I was so not happy. I threw him in the car after hugging him for awhile and went to pack up our stuff. He retaliated by peeing all inside the car. It was a beautiful start to the day. Now, can you think of anyone better to win Mother of the year this year? Thankfully the Lord definitely blessed us! Thank You Lord and all the wonderful people in my ward!


Princess and A BYU Fan said...

I'm sorry. That sounds like it was an adventure. But reading about it is also pretty funny. I'm glad everyone made it through alright though.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but I just have to say it" what goes around comes around" and its pay back time for sweet little Debbie. A blessing that everyone is alright. You are a real women to even try a camping trip without the hubby. Yes, it was funny. love Mom