Friday, October 17, 2008

Are you really A Chocoholic?

Ok, all you professed Chocoholics, here is a test to see if you are really a champ. I was!


Anonymous said...

I took the test and am a chocolate lover but it was mostly chocolate history and true chocolate lovers can tell you the different between different countries offerings or even different companies bars. They can also tell you about different ice cream flavors and why ben and jerrie's death by chocolate is the best. Mom

Rob said...

I thought I better leave a comment here, just so you get it sooner than later. I am safe and sound. I am ready for a shower, boy do I need it. Even if I was covered in chocolate bars you wouldn't want me to hug you at this point in time. :)

Love, Rob

Anonymous said...

I think dear rob that deb at this point would hug you no matter what you smelt like or were covered in but it is very considerate of you to that a shower first. Glad the handsome, hunky hubby is safe. Mom