Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who will you vote for?

I just finished watching the Vice Presidential debate. I am not registered with either party and don't consider myself a Republican or a Democrat. When I took a test, way back in high school, I was just one check mark more on the Republican side than the Democrat. Each Presidential election some kind of quiz comes up like this and I take it. And guess what? Every year I am just one check mark more on one side than the other. This year was no exception. So every year, I leave it up to something that I just find that I can't support one of the candidates on and vote for the other. This year will probably be about who I think will actually do a decent job. I go back and forth on that one. I can't seem to make up my mind and that darn test didn't help at all! I guess I am just a confirmed republicrat! Did you get a definite answer on the test?


Anonymous said...

I did watch either the presidental or vice-presidental debate or listen to their ad. I think the real question is who are the handlers of the candiates and what is their agenda and that is very difficult to judge with the image makers, speach writers,and other "staff" between the public and the candidate how do you ever know what is really from the candidate. Mom

Keck said...

I have never registered as a democrat or republican either. The task of finding who best represents your interests or who will lead the country in the right direction is such a daunting task. Usually I vote for who I hate the least. The best part about election time is that I get to vote on propositions in my own state at the same time. This makes me feel like my vote counts more and it has a more personal and immediate impact on me. No matter who I vote for John McCain will win Arizona so It's hard to feel like your vote counts in Arizona. Anyway the test says I'm a big fan of the elephant party, no surprise to my wife I'm sure.