Monday, October 27, 2008

Better Days

Today I spent the day "spring" cleaning my kitchen. It felt so good. I didn't worry about anything. And tomorrow we are taking the day off from soccer and cub scouts to go see a movie as a family. I played a game with the baby and didn't worry about what I should be doing. It was a good day.
Oh, and I realized that I had forgotten to write about two of my angels. Emma, my sweet daughter, cleaned up the red Kool-Aide that the baby had spilled on the carpet. I had found the first spill and cleaned it, but the second one I found put me over the edge and the crying began. She cleaned it up after I stormed out. And no, I did not give the baby Kool-Aide. He is able to push the stool over to the cabinet and standing on his tiptoes get into all kinds of things!
One of my hometeachers has been wonderful. I don't think they have every come over for a real home teaching, but one of them is so good to call every week while Rob has been gone and trying to find things he can do for us. Today he brought us soup that he had made. Now we are set for the next few days with yummy, healthy meals. What would I do without these wonderful people in my life?


Anonymous said...

Remember the time in high school went you ran cross country finals on Saturday , came home very very late that night and then started a fast day the next sunday and you passed out in church and your daddy took you home and feed you chicken noodle soup and put you to bed. Don't run faster than you can dear. You don't need to do it all. Love Mom