Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cute, but otherwise a pain!

No, I am not talking about my children here. I am talking about the Valentine's I made this year. My inner super mom decided to pop out this Valentine's day. I saw a cute picture of some valentines in Family Fun Magazine and I just had to do them. First- they took a really long time to put together. My friend Midori helped- thanks Midori! And I had my daughter cut out all the faces to the little ipod looking things for me while I was at work one day. Even Max helped me glue, but they still took a long time! Second the "headphones" got all tangled up on themselves until some of them were impossible to get undone. My 9 year old was so frustrated that he ended up not giving his out at all! They did turn out cute- but otherwise they were a complete pain! My verdict- only do these if you have plenty of time and only a few people to give them to!


Anonymous said...

too much work for me. but I'm not a crafty person. I would just go to the dollar store and buy plastic junk. Mom

rob said...

Even though I laugh and sake my head I love it when Super Mom shows up. The next one will work out great!

Love, Me