Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daily Scripture trials

I remember growing up doing all kinds of things to try and make daily scripture study work for us. I think my family did an excellent job at trying! We are doing the same. We started when the kids were small, reading to them when they were in the bathtub. We have gone through the pictures in the gospel art kit, we have read the little picture/cartoon books with them and we have tried various times and places. We keep trying even thought it is not easy. We don't have a set time that we read them for- just whenever the craziness gets too much to focus anymore. Does this sound familiar to you?:
It's Emma's turn to read- she reads while Samuel corrects about every 10th word she reads and we have to keep saying "Samuel" or "he's right. Read the words in front of you. There's a big difference in with God and by God!" Now it is Samuel's turn to read.
Emma: Look at my arm. It's all red
Me (holding a squirmy Max): those are rug burns from your planks that we did together.
Emma: Well they hurt.
Remember we are still reading at this point. Now it is Dad's turn to read. Joseph has been stirring and stirring his fiber and juice for about 5 minutes straight. Dad starts reading
Joseph: Can I have chocolate milk now?
Me: Not until you drink your juice.
Joseph: But, I've tried and I can't drink anymore.
Dad stops at this point to say, if you can't finish what you already have then why would we give you more to drink. Dad continues.
Max is trying very hard to get a Bakugon open. I try to help him and then Emma says, "it's easy, let me try." and then fails.
Me: Drink it Joseph!
At this point I fling the Bakugon against the floor board, because I heard one of the kids say if you throw it at a wall really hard it will open. No such luck. Sorry.
At this point we all start laughing and singing "Wild Angels, Wild Angels, watching over you and me." Dad doesn't get it, until he rereads what he just read. He had stopped when the Bakugon hit the wall, then started up right where he had left of, "while the angels," of course he dropped most of the "the" and it became, "while-da angels,".
Joseph now gets his chocolate milk, repeats a verse and we close. Hmm I guess Mom was part of the problem this day! Hee hee. That was my inner child who sits still but isn't really being reverant coming out! Is this just an unruly family scripture study or is this typical? What's your experience? Do you have a better way? (OK, besides mother being more reverant!)


Thayne6 said...

We started reading during dinner. At least they are occupied while they are listening. It also helps with our babies with them in their high chairs! We'll see how long this lasts!

Princess and A BYU Fan said...

That made be laugh out loud! Scott is wondering what I am doing back here in our office all alone laughing uncontrollably!

rob said...

Scripture reading is all about "Wild Angels" and you are the wildest of them all.