Thursday, February 12, 2009

So, What would you do?

I have had a feeling that my time as a member of the Primary Presidency was up, since September. That's been 5 months now! I am not very good at waiting for anything to happen and 5 months is a long time to be put on hold. The other day the President was going to see the Bishop and asked if I wanted her to tell him that I was ready. I told her no, don't say anything, but after church I felt like I really should be honest. I tried to call her, but she had already gone to meet with him. So at New Beginnings on Tuesday, I pulled one of the counselors aside and told him. Instantly, I felt guilty. Yes, that's me- guilt-ridden! I had discussed it with my husband before and asked what he thought. He said, "well, where do you want to be?" I couldn't answer that question, except with a lot of "I really don't want to be put into _______." So he advised me to just be happy and enjoy what I was doing instead of complaining. Well, apparently I am just not good at that! I love being in the primary. I love who I work with. I will miss them so bad when I am released. I guess my inner army brat is just coming out in me and after almost 3 years doing the same thing, I am ready to mix things up! Really crazy- I know. But what would you do?


Morgan kelly said...

Every position in the church comes with blessings and challenges. You've received blessings from this calling and will receive blessings from future callings. Someone else will also receive blessings from this calling too.

If it's time to be released, of course, there will be feelings of remorse and even feelings of longing. These are natural, as it shows you really enjoyed your position.

Be ready for your next "challenge" and thank the Lord for the blessing you have received while in the Primary.

Anonymous said...

I have asked to be released both for personal reasons and because of situations within the organization. Every time I have felt like I have done something wrong in asking to be released but the peace that followed supported the personal revelation that it was in fact time to leave. Too long at anything or living anywhere will turn on that internal message that you need to make changes. That is called growth. I feel that that inner brat is just a fine tuning that lets you know that you need another challenge. How about Mutual? Mom

Holly said...

I feel for you - I was in RS - teacher, Homemaking, Counsellor - for almost 6 years. I got really good at what I was doing, liked who I was with, but I was tired. At tithing settlement I told the bishop - "I was looking at my computer and found some flyers I made for RS from 2002" - point taken - but then they put me in as choir director - ugh!!!!

But I do believe it is the lord's intent for us to grow, and we can't do that if we stay in the same place for too long.... :)

Princess and A BYU Fan said...

NO guilt nessecary. The bishopric, though hard working and inspired, are still just people and sometimes people need a little reminder or hint. You didn't turn down a calling or say "I'm leaving," so my guess is you'll be called to something new and exciting in a bit. But who knows, if they make you YW's president you might wish you were back in primary. Or wait, maybe that was just me ;)