Friday, February 27, 2009

Famous Last Words

Children caught in the act of their savagery
"You're killing me, Physically killing me!" Those might just be my husband's famous last words, but it will probably be "uggggggh." Seriously! I am an ER nurse after all, I know that people don't die, very often, choking out something eloquent! But in case he does kick the bucket in "death by children" this will be his last statement. I have always thought it was funny, because obviously if someone is killing you, it is most likely in a physical way- am I right or am I right?! Just to give you some insight into this statements use, I will share an example. This morning my husband was not too happy with our two older children and the tirade began like this, " 3 bathroom trips, your mama coming home after work, and one maxi pad change all which woke up the daddy..." And it ended with me filling in the blank, "you're killing me, physically killing me!" Poor Daddy! Have no fear, I, super nurse/sexy hot mama, will never let childhood overactive bladderitis physically kill you. Tonight there will be no more to drink after 6 pm and booby traps will be set for anyone daring to get out of their beds before 6 am! And as a side note, sexy hot mama does not have to work tonight! Be brave poor Daddy, your rescue is assured!


12feetoftrouble said...

Thank goodness you're available!Would you get his life insurance with death by children? You better understand the collection details, you may need them with 4 kids.

Holly said...

So funny - you are a super hot mama and super nurse as well!!!

Anonymous said...

As another light sleeper I know the feeling of death by children, nieghbors, cars, or roomates who carefully time their noise to keep you unsettled and unrested all night long. Blessings on any super person who stops the torment. MOM