Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm an A+ Student!

After I made those hats for the homeless shelter my children have been begging me to make them ones. This is the first one I finished. Sam immediately loved it. He put it on and has only taken it off when he absolutely has to. I think I got an A+ on that project.
This is another project we just finished. I think Mom and Dad both deserve an A+ on this one! Why do boys always pick the most difficult of all the project options? Of course if Mom had been home when the project was finished it might have had trees and a mossy ground and some men, but it still looks pretty good!


Anonymous said...

The hat is warm and colorful and your boy loves it. You do get an a+. Mom

12feetoftrouble said...

Is it crocheted? I never could get knitting. It'll take a while to finish a hat for everyone. Good luck.