Monday, November 23, 2009

Mormon Drinking Parties and Tough Birthday Decisions

Luckily, someone remembered Rob's birthday was coming up at the office and made it special for him, because his actual birthday was on a Sunday this year. Let's face it, Sunday birthday's aren't so fun, especially if you happen to be on vacation like we were. Yes, we were at the Happiest Place on Earth on a Sunday! Tough decision now headed your way!! Beep, Beep!

We finally made the decision to not go to the parks or even out to dinner. We had gone shopping on Saturday and bought an ice cream cake and some stuff to make dinners for the week, so really it just came down to how to make that day special for Rob and the kids without going and doing anything that cost money! I remembered the birthday banner and made sure it was put up first thing in the morning. We had ice cream cake and root beer and watched a movie and checked out all the parks without going into any of them. We called it our recon- Preparation for the days ahead! As we went out to start our recon we saw a family all dressed in suits and ties and dresses headed off to church and I realized we weren't 100% great at this trying to keep the sabbath day holy thing- someone was actually going to church on their holiday! I remember doing that when I was a child with my family. Oh well, I guess one can always do better! In the end, having a day to just sit around and make a plan really helped. We saw more and did more than lots of people without totally exhausting ourselves. Of course it helped that the parks were so slow. The longest we waited for a ride was on Friday (the last day we were there) and it was about 40 minutes for a ride that wasn't so fun! Funny thing was that the rides that were tons of fun and all the cool shows that day had no waiting at all! But I digress. The thing was that keeping the Sabbath day holy really did help out in the long run. We were more relaxed, better planned and ready to roll on Monday.
We have a fun time as a family. Robert can make anything into a game or a competition. Sunday we were trying to get Joe to drink some water. He is our one with digestive problems. He won't eat any fruit except mandarin oranges and apples and almost no vegetables. He also drinks hardly any water. He showed us how much he had drank in one sitting (not that much), so Rob turned it into a competition- a Mormon keg party! Everyone competed (except Mom who had drank plenty of water) to see how much water they could swallow before putting their bottle down. Everyone won in the end!
It was a fun first day in Florida!Oh yeah- and Sam lost a tooth- his first molar!


Anonymous said...

You have fun together because you are fun people. Good leadership always helps especially when it creates games. Mom