Monday, November 2, 2009

Smoke bubbles!

Halloween- it's not my favorite holiday, but there is all that great candy at the end! We had a fun time with some friends in their neighborhood- ours is not the greatest. Their neighborhood went all out with lights and smoke and music and decorations. One family had a machine that blew smoke and bubbles at the same time, causing the bubbles to fill with smoke. When you popped them, you got a whiff of smoke. Very cool!


Anonymous said...

not my favorite holiday either. Our neighbor is about half and half participates.. No one did the music, smoke thing. just lights. We did however, have many trick-or treaters. Mostly not from the neighborhood and mostly not children and that is why it isn't my favorite holiday. Mom

The Emericks said...

I stalker blogged you! I hope that doesn't creep you out!