Thursday, January 7, 2010

Break Your Heart

Warning: If you are a mother or soon to be mother this may break your heart. Have a box of tissues on hand!
Awhile ago I had a disagreement with Samuel so bad that I sent him off to bed crying and his brother Joseph got sent to bed soon after. Robert reminded me that I needed to show an increase of love afterward, so I went in to talk to Sam and give him a kiss. By this time everyone was in bed. All three boys share a bedroom. Sam and Joe on the bunk bed and Max on a crib mattress that we pull out from under the bottom bunk when he goes to sleep. I talked to Sam, gave him a kiss and told him that I loved him. I did the same with Joseph. Just then Rob came in and asked about the clothes on the floor. I started talking to him and picking up clothes and then it was time to have prayer. I turned around and saw Max covering his head and trying not to cry out loud. I knew immediately what was wrong- as every mother would, but I asked anyway and he said, "you didn't give me a kiss" through choking sobs. It was enough to break your heart. Poor little guy! I was going to give him a kiss and tell him that I loved him, too, I promise!! I was just distracted for a minute! One of the many times that I needed to remember that my children need to come first before the messes!


12feetoftrouble said...

Ah, trying to give everyone attention. That's a hard one. I'm glad Max got his kiss and "I love you's" I'm sure he enjoys his mommy time during the day now that the kids are back at school.

lelly said...

oof - even with the warning, that story still got me :)

happy new year, deb!