Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Bacon Day

Yesterday was Bacon day- Happy Bacon Day! This was Joseph's decree. Today was egg day- mainly because Rob told him that we couldn't possibly have sausage day right after bacon day! Here is a schedule that Joseph made up, in case you need it. I know everyone would love to follow us in our breakfast day week!
I decided to take a minute and blog, since I have no time to exercise. I have to go visiting teaching at 10 am. Then I have to go get my kids at 12 (today being a half day) and then talk with Joseph's teacher about some concerns she has. Of course these have nothing to do with his academics; which are fine. {insert a very long loud sigh here} I am assuming this has to do with his Dr. Dorian impressions. Joseph is 3/4 of the time in his own little dream world. I have no doubt that if he actually paid attention once in a while instead of dreaming about zombies attacking that he would be in the gifted program. I am dreading that there is more than just this, though, since she said, "some concerns." I just hope he hasn't been looking up any little girls' dresses!
After the conference I have someone coming to my house to scrapbook for 2 hours before we head off into our "it's Wednesday, we are never home on Wednesday's" adventures- piano lessons, cub scouts, YW's, and some weeks I have activity day girls (luckily we get to skip that one this week!!)
Although, I doubt I would be able to exercise even if I wanted to. I am determined to see myself in a cast before the week is out. This is what I have done in less than 24 hours. I have twisted my ankle in step class so bad that it still hurts today (granted, after giving myself a minute I continued to workout on it), I slipped on a silky blanket as I was rounding the corner on our wooden floor and hit my arm so hard on counter that I almost fainted twice while trying to deal with it. Luckily, fainting is something I am used to after 30 some years of doing it. I have low blood pressure and if I hurt myself, get up too quickly, etc. I will faint. I have learned to recognize when it is coming on and like one of those antebelum ladies, I lie down on a couch and sip water. I was sure I had broken my forearm for a little while, but it seems to have come out Ok. I then rammed my little toe against the leg of a stool and cracked my knee on the van door. I am now limping around my house like some kind of a gimp! Pathetic! Especially since most of it was done on my birthday! Happy- old enough to find a white hair in my head-day!
Emma also celebrated her 13th birthday! So far,(excuse me while I knock on wood) Emma has been a relaxed, easy going teenager. Robert was very sweet and got us some beautiful flowers, chocolate domes (They taste almost as good as they look!), and some cheesecake. I had also made Emma chocolate cake- which she asked for. Now you understand why I really, really need to exercise!!
Emma's favorite gift- a snuggie! Maybe she'll stop leaving her blankets everywhere she's been if she is wearing it!!


Anonymous said...

so many issues in one blog session. There must be a Fraudian comment on all the hurts you are giving yourself "as there are no accidents." and you running faster than you are able. Mom

Anonymous said...

re-think my first comment. You are able to do this much . I have seen you in action. But why?? You were an easy teen-ager too at 13 before you found boys or boys found you. Of course you were easy only when you were on the move, doing things. Not Emma's style though. Did you notice a difference this morning when Emma was official a teen-ager?

Princess and A BYU Fan said...

Happy Birthday to 2 of our favorite people! I'm glad Rob spoiled you a little bit, you deserved it. Especially after all of your adventures.