Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Smokin Hot Abs and other fun with Adjectives!

At the gym the other day we were suppose to write our goal on the mirror before we left. Everyone's was so generic and boring- like exercise 3 times a week or loose 20 pounds, so I just had to shake things up. I wrote "smokin' hot abs!" Later that day I decided to try and write some goals down. I started with the title "What I want to Do" and ended up changing it to "What I want to Be." After I started with Smoking hot abs, it all went adjectivally crazy from there. I decided it was important to know what you wanted to be for you could know what you wanted to do, anyway. So here is my list of what I want to be, heavy on the adjectives!

A Photoshopping queen
A Catch-up scrapbooking Phenom
A Big Brain churchy woman
Super RN
A Terrific teaching Mom
A Photo-taking Master
A Super hot Mama
Fabulous ab chick
Elegant Loquacious Lady (more on the conversationalist and fluency than on talkativeness!)

So what is it that you want to be?


Anonymous said...

I want to be

wii fit boxing champ

happy in my Aspie world

beloved huggable grandma

can think of any more adjectives.

12feetoftrouble said...

I want to be well rested
Supportive Wife
Kind VT