Friday, January 1, 2010

The Indiana Speedway

Who said that this year could go this fast? Who gave permission for the school year to be half over? When did someone whisk me off to the races? Someone has got to call a halt to this soon, because my babies are growing up too fast!!
This year we celebrated the speeding up of time in style. It is, after all the end of a decade. (Rob and I are now entering our 3rd decade together!) Some friends of ours invited us over along with a bunch of other families- some who came and some who thought the invitation was a joke (Loosers! ha!) We did a fun gift exchange where very few people got something they wanted, but since it was almost all stuff we wanted to get rid of ourselves, there was a lot of trading going on!! Most, I think went away happy (and we got rid of some extras lying around! Whoot!) Then we did a pictionary game made up by me of the significant events of the year. I really floored them, because I mostly stuck with a theme of world events, but then I added a few local events like baptisms. They weren't going to get that one, despite Emma's excellent drawings, because they were stuck on Tsunami's. "See the guys holding hands in the water and then they are under the water and dead!" Right! I had to help them with that one!!
Everyone made it until midnight except Maxwell who came to me begging to go to bed and Christian, the newest addition! Joseph had to be tickled for 15 straight minutes to make it until the count down, but he was very proud of himself for hanging in there. It also helped that we had more than enough sugar and plenty of children running around skating in the unfinished basement room and playing with the new ping pong table and watching Tom and Jerry cartoons! What could be more fun!!Ok, Max thought it could be more fun with a little more sleep!Happy 2010, may it go just a little slower and much softer for us all!