Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not Scrapbooking

This is what I do when no one shows up for Scrapbooking day:I found some tutorials on line and just had to try them. (Emma wore the hot pink one to New Beginnings and I wore the little red one.) What I really need is some good material to make them with, though. Mostly, all I have is cotton and cotton didn't work well at all. In fact the two pink ones were made with ribbon instead of material. I guess I am going to Joanne's, because I really need to try this one and this one two!!


Anonymous said...

You make and are the prettiest roses in my life.

Now how Sappy is that?

Love, Rob

Searls Stuff said...

These are so cute! Leslie would love to know how to make them. Where can she get the instructions?

Anonymous said...

love sappy, so romantic. love the roses too talented crafters at your house. Your grandma Baird would have loved to see these and do crafts with her. especially her beloved #1 grandaughter, Emma.