Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Snowpocolyps- a collection of short stories!

In Which I Show that I have Some Mad Skillz!

Snowpocolyps hit the DC area this weekend. Unfortunately, I am essential personnel, being an ER nurse; therefore, I trudged into work on Friday before it got too bad in my 4 wheel drive truck. I was armed with white chocolate popcorn as provisions and extra clothes and boots (just in case.) During the 6 hours I was there it continued to dump snow like crazy. It also didn't help that the "snow removal crew" for the hospital happened to be drunk, but that's another story and one lost job! Many of the nurses spent the night in our transitional care unit. The OR sent down scrubs for the next day for everyone. I decided that I just wanted to go home, so after digging myself out of the parking lot- once again the "snow removal crew" didn't do such a hot job, I slowly made it through the storm to my home. The rest of the snow removal crew need to take a long lesson in Idaho or Wyoming, because they weren't doing such a great job either. One of them was coming right down the middle of the road at me, so I had to go to the side. The snow grabbed my wheels and almost sent me over the edge. Do they not know that you need to remove the snow down both sides, not right in the middle? Also they weren't putting their snow shovels all the way down, so their wheels were making big ruts while the rest of the snow was being left there. The next day when we went out, they still hadn't shoveled all kinds of places. What exactly were they doing all night?
Arriving home, began the tricky part- parallel parking! I just had to take a picture. I ran out in the snowstorm to get this picture of my mad skillz! I parallel parked a truck in a snowstorm! I had to get that out there, because I know that guys like girls with skillz! (Rob said it made me walk around like I had just killed a bear.)

In Which We Take Out a Couple of Boys on an Air Mattress

This being Virginia at the end of January, beginning of February it is impossible to find a sled this time of year. In fact a lot of pool stuff is out now- not blow up rings, but pool cleaner and goggles and floaty suits- useless! So instead, I bought us an air mattress. It turned out to be the perfect sled. All the kids could ride at the same time, it flattened out wide and distributed the weight so that the kids just didn't sink in the powder. Here we are trying it out the first couple of times. After we cleared a path, it started to get faster and faster.
Unfortunately, we didn't pick the best sledding hill. We didn't want to go far from home, so we didn't look too hard. This is what happens when you end your sledding run in a forest!
This one decided to stop our ride with his face in a tree. This one got scraped up by a bunch of brush.

In Which Emma gets stuck

This one was just hilarious! I had to get a picture. But even when she got her legs down, she coudn't get her head out of the hole by herself. She did this just by tipping to far over while trying to make an E in the snow with her feet.

In Which All Your Needs Can Be Met with Snow

Emma's and her friend's creation: Now you don't have to go inside and get out of all your snow clothes every time you need to go!

In Which Joseph Makes a Few Bucks!

Joseph decided to open his own hot chocolate stand. He did a great job. He brought the card table upstairs all by himself. He made a sign. He got everything set out beautifully- hot chocolate, spoons and cups. He deserved the money he earned. When we all had our hot chocolate he said, "I love this job!"


Anonymous said...

fun in the snow. will the school be calling you about the condition of your children's faces however. Mom

Searls Stuff said...

Wow! Kuddos to you! I admire your skillz!

12feetoftrouble said...

Do people in Virginia Not learn about Jamestown colony and their horrible winter? Virginians must be in lala land about the severe weather they can have there. How much did he make at his chocolate stand? Very enterpernerial!