Monday, February 15, 2010

Sometimes I just have to Shake my Head!

Warning: If you don't have a house full of boys, you probably will be entirely grossed out by this conversation!

So these are the kind of conversations I have had to get used to as a Mom with 3 boys. Joseph has a problem with eating good food and therefore has problems having bowel movements. We give him Benefiber every day in his juice (when we remember!) to help with this- otherwise he can go up to 2 weeks without having any movement. Today after Robert reminded Joseph to get some fiber in his juice, the conversation went something like this:

Joe: If my belly is full of poop then Monsters won't eat me.
Rob: But monsters love poop! That's why they are monsters. So they would actually go for you first.
Joe: But they wouldn't know- they don't have x-ray vision.
Rob: But they could smell you and smell that you were full of poop.
Joe: I don't think they really like to eat poop.
Rob: They do! My monster friend, Hercumer George loves to put poop on a stick and freeze it and eat it for dessert.

This is the point where I put my head down in my hands and just started shaking my head. Who else has these kinds of conversations at breakfast?


Searls Stuff said...

Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until you have that call from his teacher about his potty talk or the picture he drew of poop eating monsters. Yes, I have had these conversations. No sibs will be named at this time but you know who you are. Mom