Saturday, April 10, 2010


We have caused wide spread confusion in our ward, employment and among our family and friends. They just don't seem to understand our situation, no matter how much we explain it, so I am attempting to once again chronicle our "plight" , but in writing this time so that it can be referred back to by the confounded.
We used a government grant for military families to sell our home. We could not have sold our home otherwise. We lost $250,000 on the sell. I know a lot of the country doesn't understand the housing market crash, because it really hasn't affected them. It has definitely hit the DC area, however- as you can see by how much we lost. Anyway, in order to sell the home without having to short sell, we used this grant, with the stipulation that we must actually be moving out of the state. They wouldn't accept our orders, especially since they say we don't report until August of this year. We sold our home after it being on the market just 1 day, though and so we needed to close for the buyers sake, so we had to submit a bill of lading from the moving company. Therefore, all of our stuff had to be moved to Ohio, without us, 3 months ahead of time. We are living on air mattresses and card tables and folding chairs for the next 3 months. The person that bought our home is letting us rent it back from her until the end of June.
I quit my job this month, because Rob also finished his job as the General's exec and is now going to go to a military school in the area for 3 months. He won't be around much, except the weekends and I didn't want to have to do all of this on my own again and still have to go to work.

So, to sum up: Neither of us is working right now. Rob starts on Monday at a military school- JPME- don't ask me what it stands for.
We are camping out, but in our own home for 3 months.
Yes, we except all invitations to dinner.
Yes, I will call if I need anything.
Alright, that last one might have been a lie, but I will call if I need to borrow a cup of sugar, anyway.
Yes, we are very excited to move and we move as soon as Emma gets done with Girl's camp. In fact we will probably drag her straight from camp on an 8 hour trip to Ohio, unless she stinks too bad.
Yes, we did find a home to rent (notice we decided not to buy this time- hmm, can you think why?), but it is not available until the end of July/beginning of August, so we are coming to Utah and Idaho for July and some people I know should get married in July so we can actually come to the wedding!
Any question?


Searls Stuff said...

Where in Ohio are you going and what will Rob be doing there? I grew up in Southern Ohio and have some family still there.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the few that actually understands the whole situation having sold our home in Oklahoma under another but similar program for civil employees. Lucky, we did not lose as much. Camping out gets old fast. mom

12feetoftrouble said...

When in July will you be in Idaho. Idaho is alot closer to Washington than Ohio! We will be back from Texas July 1 so Sarah can get baptised the 3rd (our stake does child of record baptisms the 1st Saturday)