Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Joseph can not stand to write. I don't know really why. Part of it is probably mechanical- holding the pencil and making all those fine motor movements. But, every week he has at least one writing prompt he must complete for homework. This week it was a story about a lady bug and a caterpillar. He moaned and groaned- literally, but mom refused to give in and he had to sit there until he was done with it. So what does one do when they are forced to sit at a table looking at a blank piece of paper while trying to avoid writing a story. Well draw a picture on the table, naturally!
And if your name is Maxwell, what is your favorite game? Well, 52 card pick-up, of course!
This being a relative title, because there seems to be less and less cards each time.


Anonymous said...

Just to get serious. Is it the actual hand movement of writing or the inability to think of something to write. They are too different problems. One is an OT issue with poor fine motor skills in the hand which uncle Tim and several cousins have.Easily solves by teaching the key board or PT. The other is solved with a little interaction with the supporting adult. Many right brained children(think males) have this problem. Do I sound like a teacher? Mom