Monday, April 5, 2010


Life has been crazy. We zoomed off last weekend for a very quick trip to Ohio to try and find a home. We ended up getting to our friend's home sooner than we thought we would- like 4:30 am sooner, so we settled in their driveway and tried to sleep until a decent hour. We then took the whole day to look at homes. Rob found 2 he really liked. I didn't like either one. I did however, really like one that he wasn't happy with at all. It is so funny, because usually we like about the same things. Sunday we did more of the same and then spent a nice evening at the home of our friends. I was very frustrated by this point though and I think Rob was as well. He kept lecturing me on how we needed to follow the prophets example and save more money. Really we could have saved a lot more money if we had bought a home, but neither one of us felt good about buying in Ohio, so we stayed with that feeling- this time! We got one more appointment set on Monday, but I had already determined to just look for homes online and have our friend go look at them for us. I figured our home just hadn't come up for rent yet. Well, for Rob the last house was the one. It is big and beautiful and more money than all the rest. He had spun me up so much about not spending so much money that I was totally against the whole thing by then. But you see, this house was right near work and school for him and on a golf course. That's all he needed and he was happy. It doesn't have a very big yard, like all the others we had seen. This was the one disappointment for me. Living in a townhome for 4 years, I was really looking for a yard where we could stretch our legs and run around. It is big enough for a small swing set and our trampoline, though. After we got back home we had one day and then the movers showed up to pack us up. Rob helped a lot including taking down the bunk beds with the boys help.This is what our home looked like. See they are moving us 3 months before we are actually leaving! This is due to government red tape. So we will be camping out at our house for the next 3 months. We are on air mattresses. We ate our Easter dinner on a card table by ourselves. We left one TV and one computer- because the kids have to have a computer to do homework, now. (It is so amazing to me how much things have changed. I never needed a computer until college, now even in Elementary school they are required to look things up and download pictures and other things to make projects!) We also kept our washer and dryer, because Rob said, "I am not making you go to a Laundromat for 3 months!" We will have to move all this stuff on our own when it comes time.
The packers took our stuff away, late Friday evening. It was so nice to have my bathrooms back again! Then Saturday and Sunday were conference and Easter and a baptism and the Cherry Blossom Festival. There wasn't much traffic coming up to DC on Sunday, so we thought it was a good day until we go there and there was already a billion people there. It still wasn't too bad, though. The blooms were past their peak, so the wind was swirling with pedals. We had lots of fun trying to catch them all different ways.We watched conference in the "comfort" of our family room floor. The Easter Bunny came, but we didn't seem to have time to get in the Easter egg hunt. We had a beautiful Easter feast complete with homemade rolls- after I borrowed a pan from a neighbor- on our plastic plates on a card table. It depressed me at first, but then I had to laugh. I do love my family and we have a good time together. I look forward to moving to Ohio.


Anonymous said...

Every time you move physical locations it seems to center the family more on the real location of your life, each other. Be strong.