Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Lately, I have been reading a lot, instead of doing anything else. I have finished Ladies of Liberty which was wonderful and very interesting. I really didn't know that much about the war of 1812 or how Vice President Aaron Burr was trying to take over the United States and become Emperor of it after he shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel. I would really like to read Founding Mother's now. I also have finished The Timepiece which was typical Richard Paul Evans- tear jerker. I also just finished The Gurensey Literary and Potato Peel Pie society. It was just lovely. I really just couldn't put it down. It wasn't excited per say, just lovely and refreshing. Now I'm in the middle of Pay it Forward which I know is going to be sad, but am reading anyway. There are so many other books that I want to read, but I really have to give it a rest after this and get somethings done!

The boys have found a new toy. Besides the new Chess set they had their Dad buy for them (Joseph beats the pants off everyone!) they also found this Caroom game that we were given a long time ago, but never really did much with. I actually think Rob left it in the garage to get rid of it. They played with it all day!

Have you ever thought is was funny how the brain works. You come up with ideas all at once, not in actual sentences, more like a feeling, but then when you think about telling someone else about it or...well let's just admit that we actually write out blogs in our head all the time, then you have to put that idea into sentences. You already know what you mean, but there you are in your head explaining it in whole sentences to yourself. Am I the only one that knows what I am talking about?

I am in love with anything lemon. I saw this cookie recipe while I was searching for a crockpot chicken recipe today and just had to have them. I made them and I am not exaggerating when I say I ate half the cookies on my own. They were so good! The girl who brought treats for Activity Day Girls brought Lemon bars. It was Lemon Utopia! The calories were not so utopic, though!

Today in Activity Days I had a lady who just moved into our ward from Ohio- the exact ward we are moving to- so exciting- anyway, she came and taught the girls how to take care of their hair. She is a professional stylist. She even did most of their hair for them. The girls loved it! I was told that I would most likely be released soon, though. The scariest thing about getting released is what you will be called to next. We will be one of the last people moving into our new ward, since military wards turn over starting now. I have decided that I want a vote on this whole calling thing!

Well enough rambling for now. That Guernsey book is what did it to me. It is a collection of letters and often times they ramble. We don't write letters anymore, so who do I get to ramble to? I guess to whomever chose to read this to the end! So to you, I say, Thanks for letting me ramble on and enjoy the rest of your day!!


Searls Stuff said...

Have you ever had the Lemon straws from Target. I can't actually remember the name of them; just that they are Target's brand & delicious! You should try them.
I loved reading your ramblings. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I had a game like that when I was young and played it with my brother all the time. It is alot of fun and harder than it looks. I think your ramblings make sense but I will have to run that feeling around in my head and see if there is a couple of sentences there to verbalize what I understand. but sometimes my sentences come out just like my head thoughts and then they really don't make sense.