Sunday, September 12, 2010


The beautification process has begun.
Rob took on the project of refinishing our 18 year old table. It really needed it. I think he did an awesome job.
For my part, I have been looking at blogs and stealing ideas. From Becky Higgins I got the idea of spray painting everything in sight and then using candlestick holders as elevators and putting out baby pictures of yourself so that it reminds the kids that you were young once too. Rob wanted to know if I thought that cute boy would ever hook up with that cute girl. I told him it would be good if they did, because they would make cute babies!
I stole the idea for the cutie batuti pumpkins
from the world wide blogosphere while blog hopping and now I can't find her. Sorry! They are way easy and hers are even more fabulous! If you want a copy of the tutorial, let me know.
I copied this off a friends- Thanks Anna! Your the woman! It doesn't look quite straight and the colors are all washed out in this photo, so it doesn't do it justice.
I have now started to make a quilt for Sam's bed with the help of a lady in our ward that I found lives like 30 steps from my house and who knows how to quilt from scratch and does it all the time! I know. I will try to suffer in silence as I walk those 30 steps to her house for her help!
I took this picture that was taken by a lady trying to start her own photography business and sized it a couple times until I got it just right to print out as a poster. Then I took a frame and some vinyl I had bought for another purpose and put them together. I put them in upside down unfortunately. There had been holes drilled to put a ribbon in at the top and hang the saying from. I just decided to go with it and just make a bow at the bottom. I think it turned out pretty awesome! It says, "the Joy in the Journey" across our legs.Isn't my house going to look lovely! I love blog idea stealing!!


Searls Stuff said...

The pumpkins are cute. Last year I found a cute idea that I used in the bathrooms. You take a roll of toilet paper, sit it on a fat quarter of halloween or fall themed fabric, and pull the fabric up around the TP roll. As you pull it up, you sort of pleat it around the roll and tuck the top edges down inside the tube. After that, you take a stick or twig from the yard and some leaves off an old silk plant to push down into the tube to make the stalk/vine. If I make some again this year, I will post a picture of them.
The table looks fantastic. Setting up a new home is always so much fun.

Anonymous said...

I have the picture of all you kids walking away in East Germany. Would love to have it made into a similar picture but don't want to do the work. hint hint Maybe for Christmas the crafty daughter will do it for me.

Thayne6 said...

Hi Debbie, could I have a copy of the tutorial for the pumpkins? It was soooo GREAT to see you this summer. I hope you are liking Ohio!